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The Boy


Taking pictures of children can be hard since they often move around quite a lot.

This boy didnt and I took my chance. All lighting is outdoors, sunny but with a little haze.

I aimed for the eyes and I think I got it.

The Girl

More Eyes.

Another child in perfect position.

Proud in Pride Stockholm 2014

Capturing more then pixels.

Photographing people is interesting and challenging and something hard to master.

The shot "Proud in Pride" is one that Im glad I managed to capture. I think I did get more then just pixels.

Looking Sharp!

Cropping after the fact.

This shot is taken thru a huge crowd. I managed to get fairly close but still had many heads and shoulders between me and the parade. I took several frames hoping one would be a lucky shot. Once the image was in my computer I could crop it down to this thanks to a good lens and camera. Good equipment wont give you great images but it will let you crop and modify, after the fact.

The Kiss

The Moment.

Some days all you do is clicking away hoping for something magical to happen.

This shot is taken during a wedding. I had a strong backlight that made it possible to blow the backround out. The magic moment came and I fired away.

Blue Light Drama

Indoor Scene

Taken during a school play with dramatic light that I quite enjoyed.

The Ballerina

The Look.

Also taken during a play.

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