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Can you see the forrest.

Red Robin

Each to their own.

Photographing nature can be practiced using very different approaches and ideas.

Dramatic images of moody places can bring us somewere else for a dreamy second or two but straight up shots of places or things can be just as capturing.

"Can you see the Forrest" is taken early spring so the woods really opened up.

I used about 8 different images stitched together into this huge panorama.

The Red Robin is more the traditional bird image.

The Storm

Lost light, lots of noise.

This is taken late in the afternoon, late October. The sun was almost down and a storm was breaking records.

I took my car down to the pier, crawled out and took refuge behind it.

Goal was to capture the water coming over the pier and light was about none.

To get the fast shutter speeds needed I had to crank up the ISO meaning more noise. Lots of it.

Many, me included, fear noise since it dulls the details.

We try to take pictures at slower speeds to avoid the high ISO but that mostly gives us blurry images that ends up in the wastebasket.

One should not fear "The Noise"



This image reminds me of a dreary volcanic area. Perhaps Island?

Well. No.

Its taken just next to a golfcourse. Much of the image is actually parts of that course. Not the road thoug but it leads to and past the golfcourse.

Floating Leaf

The Little Things.

Just a leaf. A leaf floating in a pond.

Like an Icon of sorts.

The Ocean

Water and Light.

Some images can almost make you hear the noise and smell the salt.

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