Architecture - Martin Rodensjo Photography


The Entrance

The Scene

Photographing a location often needs planning.

You want the light right and clean out any clutter from the scene. Sometimes your lucky to find the it just the way you want it but thats a rare occasion.

This is the back entrance to a church and like most churches in Sweden its empty and probably locked.



This is an industrial location in decline but parts of it is still in use.

For this shot I used several frames that I stitched together to create a very large and wide image. On the original image you could easily read the text on the small sign above the door.

The Castle

Post Production

This is an image were I also stitched together I think about 15 different frames.

Theres also some post production to change the light quite dramatically.

The original image is shot during what ever daylight I had. It was taken in December 2012 just after lunch but I changed the image to look more like dusk or perhaps dawn. Easy done when the sun is as low as it was.

The Ship

Tripod and Time

This is an old cargoship claimed to be the oldes still in use but I think it was sold shortly after this image was taken and probably lives another life somewere else.

For this shot I used a steady tripod and a 2 sec shutter release. Just enough time to get some light into the camera but not to much so that the waves rocking the ship would make the image to blurry.

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