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Martin Rodensjo

Stockholm, Sweden

  I work as a freelancing photographer

   and in that role I:

- Travel to locations for event photography.

- Do product-photography either on location or in a studio.

- Work as a retouching artist. Retouching and adjusting colours, contrast 

   and brightness, makes your images look sharp, detailed and harmonic.

    Ask me for examples.

-I also work on  the CanTax Project.

 A system I invented, for converting Canon FDn lenses to Pentax DSLR.


Background = Creativity is my driving force!

I started out as a creative chef and later head-chef in Stockholm. I worked in several excellent restaurants, always focused on my customers experience.

After 15 years I changed course and became a certified sound-engineer. I used my new knowledge combined with my great interest in computers and graphics to build my own audio software. With that came the design of those applications.

I have used Photoshop frequently since the early 90's so it was easy utilizing that skill to design user interfaces for my software.

This led to a job as a graphic designer  for a US-based company designing graphical user interfaces. To help me create a realistic and user-friendly interface I needed to understand how light and shadows behave when interactive parts move.

This is were photography finally entered my life and it is still my main drive and focus. I have spent several years trying to master its secrets and the challenges never seems to end.

This is why I'm so passionate about photography!

Watchwords that has followed me through life:

- Passionate

- Solution-oriented

- Prestige-less

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