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The CanTax Project

Turn your Canon FDn lens into a Pentax K-mount lens.


¤ Take better pictures.

¤ Use Pentax Shake Reduction with your Canon FDn lenses.

¤ Focus wide open.

¤ Recycle your old Canon FDn favorites.

¤ Focus manually and precise with feeling.

¤ ¤ ¤

Images taken using various Canon FD lenses converted to Pentax K-mount.


¤ Buy a conversion kit for your specific Canon FDn lens from me. Shop is opening soon.

¤ Or you can send me your lenses for conversion.

¤ Once you have the kit, place yourself in a calm and clean enviroment.

¤ Follow the included guide and unscrew 3 small screws on the side of your FDn lens mount.

¤ Remove the top parts and unscrew 3 slightly bigger screws to remove the rest of the mount, still following the guide.

¤ Now drop in the conversion kit and 3 screws. Tighten enough but not to much.

¤ Done!

¤ ¤ ¤

  • The Cantax Project
  • The Cantax Project
  • The Cantax Project
  • The Cantax Project

The Vision

The vision of the CanTax Project is to create a conversion kit that any photographer can install.

The converted lens will act very similar to a Pentax K or M lens and green button stop down metering is possible. This allows for more complex manual photography with flash and the ability to focus in darker enviroments.

The photographer will always focus wide open and the lens will automatically stop down on shutter release.

The conversion kit consists of a mount and mechanical parts.All you need is a screwdriver.

Buy a manual conversion!

Until the project is ready I can offer a manual conversion.

Send me your Canon FDn or even FD lens and I will convert it to Pentax-K mount. Some lenses are harder to convert then others so price is very much depending on the lens model.

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